Self Defense Techniques

Krav Maga  in hebrew loosely translates to "Contact Combat"


Established in 2014, Krav Maga Greensboro, LLC,  located off of Wendover Avenue in Greensboro, is your home for self defense classes and fitness.  We provide instruction in self defense techniques used world wide in civilian military and law enforcement.  The Self defense training  we use is for all ages and fitness levels.  We recognize that you have a choice in where you  train and we want our school to be yours.  We specialize in training individuals and groups alike.  Our goal is to ensure that each person training at our school has the tools necessary to protect themselves  should the need arise.   Our classes are dynamic and can be tailored to each individual  for intensity as they progress.  We offer a variety of classes that focus on self defense and fitness.  We are adding programs regularly as demand increases.   Want to learn more?

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Our Krav Maga classes will give you a great workout while learning practical self defense skills.  We don't just punch the air we work hard utilizing drills that will engage your mind and body.

If your looking for a quick thirty minutes of cardio give our bag class a try.  A thirty minute workout utilizing the heavy bag and other exercises with only short breaks for water.  We base all of the exercises on Krav priinciples so by doing the exercises your either doing Krav movements and  combinations or your strengthening your muscle memory for specific Krav techniques. 

We'd love you to give us a try.  Learn self defense and get a great workout.  Add Krav to your weekly routine.  It might just save your life.

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